5 Wide's launch in Spring 2017

Moving into our fourth year of flag football we -- as you might predict -- are starting to see a huge range of player interest. Some players are just-for-fun types who join our Sunday leagues for an active experience in exercise, teamwork and hand-eye coordination. Which is awesome. 

Other players in that league are more competitive, but also look at the league as an opportunity to 'make friends, work hard and hopefully win the majority of our games.' That's great as well. 

And then there are our die-hards. Players who live and breath football and -- a disproportionate amount -- want to work hard, win games and work towards a real level of mastery. We cut our teeth as the friendly, recreational league so, when older players asked about 'more serious' flag football, we didn't have anything to offer them. 

Until now.

'5 Wide' Inaugural Season

Sundays, April 8th - June 3rd (off for MDW) 

7th-10th Graders | Lewinsville Park - McLean, Va 

Time Slot 1: 4-5 pm practice, 5-6 pm game

Time Slot 2: 6-7 pm practice, 7-8 pm game. 

*Lewinsville has turf fields and lights!


On Sunday, April 8th, we're officially launching '5 Wide,' a more competitive league option for players in 7th-10th grade. We'll still play 7 on 7 football (the same numbers as our rec league), but the format of '5 Wide' will more closely mimic "real football" (although still with ZERO tackling). 

This format allows us to a) teach "real" football schemes and coverages b) create a focussed environment for players who are more serious and c) takes the risk of more dangerous contact (n the form of blocking/running plays) away from these older kids. 

And we're starting that all this Spring. We'll have eight teams in our inaugural season (the majority of which are already registered) and a lot of great learning and competition. 

Please ping me if you have any questions. This isn't a league option for everyone but -- for the right group of kids -- it's going to be as productive as it will be enjoyable. 

Get Better. Have Fun. Rock and Roll!



And if your question isn't on this list, please feel free to drop us a line -- 


Can we bring our own team? 

Potentially. But we're limiting this league to eight teams and the majority of those spaces are already taken. If you have a group of kids who wants to join and play together, please list those friends under 'teammate preferences' during registration. Or e-mail to check on space. 

Will coaches be yelling and screaming and acting like jerks?

No. We have a wonderful set of leaders and coaches to start this league off right. This will undoubtedly be a more competitive league, but we're going to side-step the potential insanity of travel-like sports. 

Isn't 7th-10th grade a big age-range? Is my little baby 7th grader going to get smushed??

No. He wont. FOR ONE, we've taken out all blocking and running plays, so he's less likely than ever to be smushed. And the majority of the players here will be in 8th-9th grade. 

To avoid any mis-matched games, we're also going to have a "power ranking" of the eight teams, and adjust match-ups to make things as even as possible. We've got faith this thing will work. 

Can you give a full explanation of the rules? 

Not quite yet. In part because I'm writing this e-mail with one hand while packing a bag for my honeymoon in the other. But we will make a full set of rules available before kick-off. And we'll be very hands on in making sure this is a smoothly run first season. 

There will be some difficulties/hiccups/questions as we get this off the ground, but this is as worthy an endeavor as any. We've got our sleeves rolled up and we're ready to make this thing work!