Summer Flag in Bethesda

Powered by Headfirst Summer Camps

Where: Mater Dei 

When: August 13th - August 17th

*This is a one-week, first-time offering by Flag Star Football. We've known the Headfirst team for a while now (their CEO, Brendan Sullivan, taught Carl to throw a change-up), and we're excited to work together moving forward. Really excited, actually. 

Headfirst's camp operation is tight. If it's anything summer camp -- from pick up and drop off to sunscreen application and facilities -- these guys are the gold-standard. The idea, then, is for Flag Star (and our coaches!) to be the programming meat in the middle of this beautifully crafted, operationally-flawless sandwich. 

On our list of 2018 developments, this one may be our most exciting. Hoping you'll join us for a big-time week of Getting Better, Having Fun, and ENJOYING THE SUMMER!

... And While We're at it...

Are you a Bethesda family who wants to get balling??

We don't have an official "league" in Bethesda, but we're putting on more and more programs. I, Carl, am originally from Bethesda (Wood Acres, what's up??) and jump at any excuse to a) coach b) visit my parents and c) be anywhere near Georgetown Bagel. 

If you're interested in gathering a crew for games/practices/extra reps/whatever, drop me a line and let's get rapping. 

-Carl | 202.468.1516