Friday Night Game Night


Summer '17 was a massive success. Coach Disch's camp (fueled, in part, by Flag Star coaches) had a lot of fun and taught the guys a lot of football. I'm not sure any other football camp is watching film and breaking down strategy like Coach Disch. 

HERE'S A LINK to that camp info btw


We also -- big surprise -- love games. And competition. And running around and learning new rules and even some friendly trash talk. So while we have the football portion of camp down pat (and there's a lot of football in our camp), we also wanted to pilot a couple different games to work into the summer camp curriculum. Hence: 

Friday Night Game Night

June 1st. 5:30 - 8:00 pm. Bishop O'Connell

Grades: K-3rd, 4th-7th. 40 Spots in each group


There will also be a food truck for you parents. And cool music. And a beautiful summer Friday to hang around outside and enjoy the sounds of our young gladiators in competition. We've never done anything like this before (a big assortment of different games), but we've got a lot of ideas, a great venue, awesome coaches and, hopefully, YOU! 

And your baller. We'll play 'Sharks and Minnows,' 'Knight Ball' (kind of like 'Ultimate Football'), 'Steal the Bacon,' 'Good Hands Contest,' 'Clean up Your Own Backyard,' 'Kick-off Chaos' and anything else that's fun and active and -- tangentially -- improves our fine motor and general football skills. 

Hahaha. Hopefully this seems as cool to you as it does to us. Because if it's outside, active and fueled with that Flag Star Juju ... we're in. It's also -- shamelessly -- a chance to show Bishop O'Connell how much we love to ball. We've been pumped to build that relationship. And hoping to play more and more ball on their field moving forward. 

Good. Great. GRAND! See you out there. 


P.S. Feel free to e-mail me with questions here. I know this seems like a grab-bag of only slightly football-related things, but I do think it'll be fun. And a worthy way to spend a beautiful Friday.