Management Trainee

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Management Trainee. Spring 2017.

Letter from the Founder


November 30, 2016




Dear Candidate,

My name is Carl Ehrlich and I’m the founder of Flag Star Football. I started this company three years ago and, before we get any further, let me start with our most important detail: we are a team. We believe in team, we believe in community and we believe in purpose.

Our next Management Trainee immediately becomes an intimate member of that team (a community of people we love and trust and value), so please know we’re taking this hiring decision seriously. We’re growing fast, but we’re still a small company. And you, potential candidate, are in a position to have a huge impact.

I created this position because it’s what I completed when I graduated from Harvard. Unsure about what I wanted to do or where I wanted to live, I found a job as a Management Trainee for a student travel company. The people there treated me well, exposed me to all parts of a business and – by the time I left – I felt I was ready to start my own operation.

I’d like this opportunity to provide you with the same. Ideally, our Management Trainee is a perfect fit and we keep them on as a full-time staff. Potentially, we’d send that person to another city to open up their own market. Absolutely – whether they stay on our not – we’ll send this MT out the door with a huge range of business experience and entrepreneurial acumen. And some great memories.

Our company is growing incredible fast (from 160 kids in 2014 to 3000+ in 2016) and that’s all because of our team members. It works because we’re all bought into the mission, and pursuing that mission with a singular focus. Get Better. Have Fun. That’s for us as much as it is our kids.

You can check our website for more information about Flag Star. If you’d like to apply, please e-mail me directly (, with a brief note (300 words or less), a resume and three reasons you’d be a strong candidate for this job.

I look forward to meeting qualified (and energized) candidates. And would welcome those folks to join our team.





Start Date: January 15th

Location: Washington DC

Flag Star’s Aspiration: To build and serve athletic communities around two main values: Get Better. Have Fun. 

The Management Trainee Role: To gain exposure and experience across all sectors of a rapidly growing business.

The Company: Flag Star Football is a youth flag football league. It has -- in less than three years -- grown to 3,000+ kids, $600k+ in revenue and launched two franchise locations.

We boot-strapped our way into existence and we’re energized by the grit, hustle and creativity it takes to make something out of nothing. Something fun, active and important for the community.

And that’s what this company is. Our growth is a result of awesome programming and – as a result – a community of kids and parents who do our recruiting for us. Nil magnum nisi bonum. No greatness without goodness. Our success relies on both.

The Perfect Candidate: The ideal candidate is personable, creative and driven. They’re someone who gets excited by new challenges and demonstrates the work ethic to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. A philanthropic hustler, if you will.

The ideal candidate is passionate about being a part of a community and making their money as a product of the good they do. And they should be cool with dogs. We work from a home-office and Carl’s dog is a big (but sweet) Rottweiler.

Compensation: $38k (semi-negotiable based on extensive professional experience)

Next Step: If you think you’re right for this job, please e-mail Carl ( with a resume, brief bio and three reasons you’d be an asset to our team.