Summer Flag in McLean

Keepin it real on potomac school fields

Where: The Potomac School

When: Weekly: June 18 - August 3 (not offered 7/2-7/6)

Who: 2nd-8th Graders

*So. Dan Wolff. Let's talk about him. 

Coach Wolff is the captain of this Potomac School Summer Camp and -- long story short -- we love the guy. We're absolutely and unapologetically bro-mantic about the big fella. 

When we bring new folks into the Flag Star family -- whether they're interns, full-timers, coaches, whoever -- we try to give them a taste of what the company is like. Part of that is sharing our vision for programs. Part of that is communicating our expectations and aspirations. The final part is locking this would-be staff member in a room with Coach Wolff, just in case what he has is contagious...

Because what he has is energy, empathy, football knowledge, leadership, a big laugh, an even bigger Under Armour sombrero-kinda-thing and an incredible sense of when kids need to re-apply sunscreen. He loves the game of football, loves working with kids and is genuinely passionate about putting on a world-class experience for the crew. 

That's as evident on the field as it is in our summer camp attendance. Between our first and second summers, our numbers have literally doubled. Because -- as Project Pat teaches us -- "real recognizes real."

This program -- really -- is one of the best we've seen. And we're excited to get back at it for another summer of ball. 

... the rest of this information (and registration) is hosted on Potomac Summer's website. But I wanted to throw my $0.02 in there while we had you.