Flag Football @ The Potomac School

Who: 1st-8th Graders

What: Full-Day or Half-Day Camp

Where: The Potomac School

When: Weekly, June 19 - Aug 4. (except 7/3)

Why: Is that a real question?

Summer Flag Football: McLean

Getting DOWN at the Potomac School

Hello. This is Carl. Before I give you a link to the Potomac School Summer Program (where we're hosting our camp), here's a two second history of our programs there. They revolve around a man named Dan Wolff. 

Dan, from back in those Whitman days...

Dan, from back in those Whitman days...

Dan is a great buddy of mine, someone I knew from Whitman High School in Bethesda. He's also my workout partner, my slow-pitch softball teammate and someone I look up to. 

Because I can't personally be everywhere to do everything, I have to share programming/ head coach responsibilities. And there simply. is. not. a better person than Dan to run a summer camp. Knowing that he's there to run the Potomac program ... it's what made all of this come together. 

So here's that link. But not before that endorsement. Because if it's a Sunday league, a summer camp, a birthday party or a game of jacks, we'd never offer an experience we don't entirely believe in. I believe in Dan. I believe in camp. I believe in that SWEET pool Potomac's got. 

Happy camping: http://www.potomacschool.org/summer/what-we-offer/c/flag-football

Questions about camp logistics? Contact Wendy Smith -- wsmith@potomacschool.org 

Questions about 'Remember the Titans?' Contact Carl -- carl@flagstarfootball.com