This Weekend's Promo Day CANCELLED

Isn't that such a harsh word to put in bold? CANCELLED. Yuck!

There's a part of me that's uncomfortable with canceling a Promo Day because of residual snow. It almost feels soft. 

But cancel we must. The fields have all been closed down, so we're out of luck for this weekend. And our coaches were ready to rock! 

Registration is starting to fill up, but we will try to host another Promo Day (maybe late February?) before we close all roster spots. 

There's no guarantee that will happen, though. We have a registration limit and, when we hit that, we have to cut things off for the Spring. There's a non-zero chance that -- if you wait for another Promo Day -- registration will be full before we get out on the field.  

If you're someone who's caught in this limbo -- wanting to meet our staff/try flag football before you register -- please give me a call. 202.468.1516. We can talk through details or, in certain cases, organize a smaller Promo Day with you and a group of friends. 

...or you can just take a leap and register for the Spring! We're going to have a blast. Promise!


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