Balling in Bethesda

back to our football roots...

This Spring, we're piloting a "FLAG FOOTBALL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT" program at The Landon School. Saturday afternoons. K-4th Grade. No experience needed, but space is limited.

This will be an awesome program. And a unique one. Whereas our other locations have a more strict schedule for practice-time/game-time, our coaches have the entirety of this time block (K-1: 1:30 - 2:30, 2nd-4th: 2:30 - 4:00) to treat your would-be ballers like guinea pigs!

 Six Saturdays of Football: April 7th - May 19th (off 5/5)  K - 1st Grade: 1:30 - 2:30 | $125  2nd - 4th Grade: 2:30 - 4:00 | $150

Six Saturdays of Football: April 7th - May 19th (off 5/5)

K - 1st Grade: 1:30 - 2:30 | $125

2nd - 4th Grade: 2:30 - 4:00 | $150

Or maybe not guinea pigs, but this will be an experiment. I (Carl) am pulling together my best coaches from across our various leagues and using this program to pilot our official 'Flag Star Developmental Model.'

Although it's not like we're trying to create mini football-robots. The model talks about hard-skills, as well as soft-skills. Catching balls and pulling flags, but also 'listening to coach' and 'being a good teammate.' There will play plenty of games/scrimmages but -- most importantly -- will be engaged, learning and competing for the entirety of these sessions.

Maybe I'm already over-hyping this thing. But Bethesda is a) where I grew up and b) an opportunity to crystalize our best-practices from our 4+ years in operation. 

And c) to have a whole-heckuva-lotta fun. Don't let this 'Developmental Model' make us sound to up-tight. Amidst the 'cultivation of best-practices,' our goals remain the same: Get Better and Have Fun. This is a great opportunity to do both. 

Below are a couple questions you might have

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If there's something I missed (or you just want to gush with excitement), please shoot me an e-mail --

I'm out of commission (getting married/going on my honeymoon!) until March 13th, but back with plenty of time to brainstorm before our April 7th kick-off. 

How much room do you have in this program? 

We're really looking to keep this small/focussed. We're limiting this to 30 kids in K-1st and 40 kids in 2nd-4th. 

Do I register with a team? 

Nope! Everyone will be part of the same, large group and broken down into smaller squads for skill development/competitions. You'll have plenty of 'buddy-time' if your baller registers with a friend, but there are no permanently set teams. 

If we're already playing in a league, will this be flag football overkill? 

Absolutely not. This is great as a stand-alone sports experience or -- if you play in an existing league -- an additional chance to hone your skills and have some fun. 

Do you, Carl, have reservations about playing at Landon when you went to Whitman??

None whatsoever! I still bleed columbia blue (Go Vikes!) but Landon has wonderful facilities and even more wonderful people. We're super grateful for the place to run around and hone our craft. 

Is this too intense/official for my first-time, non-athletic kindergartener? 

If you're even asking that, I've failed in writing this description.